Dr Harish Nair is an ardent skills researcher and careers advisor.  He is a career columnist for a handful of journals and online news media. He has authored articles and books on Communication Skills Development, Career Guidance, Career Planning, Recruitment Procedures, Visa Process, Counselling etc. Another line of his business is structuring and preparing study materials and marketing media literature for various courses conducted by academic and vocational training institutions in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Canada and the United Kingdom.

He presently functions as global marketing and human resources consultant for reputed educational institutions and service organizations in India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives, The Middle East, Singapore, France, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 230 universities and colleges, 12 corporates, two awarding bodies and various mass media are benefited through his intervention.  He has broad and dedicated professional networks in Asian and African countries that form the source of supply for qualified candidates for higher studies as well as employment.

Amidst numerous upheavals and ordeals in life, rejuvenating like a phoenix with sustained perseverance, commitment and fighting spirit, Dr Nair emerged stronger and more successful, thus placing himself among the most sought after and resourceful trouble shooters in the human resources training and career development arena across the globe.

Careers Journalism

Harish Nair is one of the pioneers of web-based careers journalism. He is a very busy careers columnist today. If you are looking for world class careers literature for your journal, Harish Nair would be an apt columnist to approach.

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