It is true that there is no alternative to hard work and commitment, but even the hard working people ought to recognize and nurture certain intrinsic qualities to make them outstandingly successful and known.

To develop this extra edge over others, you need certain mandatory guidance and personalized plans. The first major step in this direction is to understand yourself well with all strength and weakness which leads to a thorough reconciliation with yourself first and others later. This is the key requirement in development of numerous soft skills necessary for successfully launching yourself into a glorious career with sustained excellence and dynamism. Here every prospective employee tends to intensely focus on himself with continuous efforts to ensure steadfast growth, widened thought horizon, positive mindset, adaptability, compliance to core human values and loyalty to the organization.

Addressing this aspect of self-development, therefore, is the prime area of focus in a new era of rapid economic revolutions, technological advancement, materialistic approach, social reforms and ever changing global scenario.


What is the meaning of our life?

The meaning of life is still abstract. Literatures of various religions have tried to define human life and its purpose in many different ways, so also various philosophers. In a sense, all those meanings and definitions seem to be insufficient or unconvincing in one way or other. It is all in the person’s innate reasoning faculty. The reasoning ability of one is basically influenced by the cultures in which one is nurtured and the natural traits one has inherited from ancestors. Thus life means differently to different people. And, even the meaning of life varies at different stages of one’s life.

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